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For SEO, the most important strategy is having high quality content on your website. In the early days of internet marketing, all it took for success was having certain words and phrases appear on your site. In today’s competitive market, however, that method no longer works. Now, you need engaging content that provides useful information to your target market. You want search engines to see your website as an authority in your industry. Our website content writers know how to create content that accomplishes these goals.

Our Writing Philosophy

You might be wondering what kind of website content writing is needed to rank well on search engines. The best strategy is to use multiple channels, including your website, social media outlets, news sites, industry blogs, and more. It is most important that content be well written and focused on the right search terms. Before we create content, we’ll do thorough keyword research to see what search terms you should be competing for. Then, we’ll craft interesting content that focuses on these search terms. When applied consistently, this strategy can put your website on the first page of search engine giants, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Our SEO Content Writers

To ensure our SEO content writers are capable of crafting high quality material, we have a strict screening process and invest heavily in training. Our writers are qualified to write web page content, blog posts, press releases, news articles, social media profiles, emails, and much more. This material will get your website noticed by your target market, as well as increase your rankings on search engines. Our writing and SEO team is also highly skilled and experienced in performing keyword research, which ensures you’ll be listed under the search terms that are most relevant to your target market.

Money Page Experts

Do you know which pages on your site are your “money pages”? This is a very important thing to consider and is usually figured out by having a strategy session with your SEO. Money pages are the pages on your site that are built to rank and convert. They are geared to specific search terms that your customers are typing in the search engines to find your business. For example, if you are a roofer this term may be “City Roofing Company” or “(city name) Roofer”. The best terms to go after are determined by figuring out what your goals are, what the most profitable goods and services you offer, and what we want to focus on getting your website found for. We will also take a look at your competition and find opportunities to get visibility where you may have never considered.

Search Engines Prefer Fresh Content

We get a lot of calls from business owners that say their business has just dried up over the last couple of years. They attribute it to politicians, the economy, “nobody needs their type of service anymore” , and a whole host of other reasons. When we ask these clients what they are doing to market their business they say “the Yellow Pages and an old website we built back in 2005”. Meanwhile, the startup in the same industry is cranking away doing more business than they ever thought possible because they hired a digital marketing firm to create fresh content for their website, search engine optimization and content marketing plan.

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