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Some people think a website just needs to be created and left alone, but this set it and forget it approach does not work anymore. First, the website often needs to be updated with new information, such as added information or a new page for the latest services. Additionally, even if the content of the site remains the same, the technology on which the website is being viewed changes. If you’re not running the latest versions of web programming languages and plug-ins, then you don’t know if your site is operating correctly for each and every visitor. Also, running outdated technology means you’re missing out on the latest features for bringing in traffic and connecting with your target market. SEO Design Companies website maintenance company offers a range of services to deal with these issues.

Website Maintenance Company

If you don’t keep your website updated you risk being hacked or having your site infected with a virus. Whether you need WordPress installed to manage your website or the Twitter plug-in updated to link to reviews, our website maintenance services can help. We have a team of specialists who stay up to date on the latest web technologies. As a leading website maintenance company and web designer, we can build your site from scratch and manage it from day to day.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is a great content management system that is being used by companies and organizations to host websites. WordPress websites are very user-friendly and allow for easy edits and additions. If you use WordPress to manage your website, you need to make sure it is being updated on a regular basis. If you don’t update WordPress your site can suffer in the form of security issues, dropping out of the search results, site not functioning properly, and many more issues. SEO Design Company is a full-service WordPress maintenance company.

Here are some of the services we take care of without monthly website maintenance program:

  • Update WordPress It Self
  • Provide Fast WordPress Hosting
  • Update WordPress Plugins
  • Check WordPress Plugin Configuration
  • Set Up Google Analytics Reports
  • Up Time Monitoring
  • Theme Updates
  • Load Time Optimization

Site Maintenance & SEO

A lot of people don’t realize that SEO and website maintenance are directly related. Neglecting your website can spell disaster for your search engine rankings. Whether or not your website is on WordPress or some other platform, you must make sure that your site stays healthy. We monitor all of the critical factors on your site to ensure it is functioning properly. We update many things on your site as needed and fix any problems that arise from the updates (like if a theme update crashes the site, we fix it). Our monthly website maintenance service starts at only $99 a month (the price depends on the size and complexity of your site). Give us a call today to find out what we can do to help you with your website maintenance needs today.

“The days of build it and forget it are over…”

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